The Humble Honey Stick

Honey straws, honey sticks, honey stix, honey whips … whatever you want to call them, they are wildly delicious!

What are Honey Sticks?

We call them honey sticks, and they are about 6.5 inches long, they contain about 5 grams of pure star thistle honey, and they only clock in at around 15 calories. You know what that makes? A great, affordable, low-calorie, high-energy snack treat that serves a ton of purposes in your life.

What’s in a Honey Stick?

That’s simple – pure star thistle honey. We keep the heat low to make sure to preserve as much of the goodness as possible, and then the honey goes into the straw with a super top secret process that involves some woodland creatures, a potion, and great ceremony. Once that’s complete, the stick is ready for the world.

How to Eat a Honey Stick

So someone handed you a straw full of honey, and now you’re holding this thing and wondering what the heck you’re supposed to do.

We’ve got an answer!

All you need to do is cut the top, with your teeth, or with something sharp, and you’re good to go. The honey can be poured out or you can suck it straight out of the stick.

When to Eat a Honey Stick

Whenever you want!

But for real, there a ton of uses for these magical little honey straws.

Honey sticks are great for:

A quick on the go snack
Something to toss the kids instead of processed candy
During or after a work-out for a quick boost in energy
With your tea – simply open up your honey stick and place it in the tea, swish it around, and you’ve added some star thistle flavor to your tea!

Retail Honey Sticks

We offer our honey sticks in a variety of pack sizes, which means we can service both individual buyers and retail buyers. If you’re stocking up for the family, you can go with one of our small bundles.

If you’re a retailer, consider adding honey sticks to your checkout area for an inexpensive last-minute purchase. You can order large wholesale quantities of these honey straws from our website.

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