4 thoughts on “UPS & USPS Shipping Times for Honey

  1. Deborah St. John says:

    Is there any way you could ship out 10 bottles of the 15 dollar plus Tupelo Honey so it could arrive by Tuesday at the latest? If so, I would like to order it. I do not mind paying the extra postage.

  2. arif sinan says:

    I was informed that the best honey in the world is Manuka honey from New Zealand. For health purposes, how does the Tupelo Honey compare with that product? I had introduced Tupelo honey to some friends who were surprised at it’s excellent taste, which is quite refreshing to say the least.

  3. Aaron Dexter says:

    “Best honey” is a very subjective claim. Raw honey, no matter the variety, is going to have a pretty similar “healthiness” profile across varietals. Some varietals are marketed better than others 🙂

    We aren’t doctors so we aren’t going to make any broad health claims, but using a honey made from a plant that’s in your general area can be beneficial with seasonal plant allergies and the like. I wouldn’t feel comfortable trying to compare and contrast Tupelo and Manuka for their “healthiness”, but they – like all honeys – are very similar in their makeup. It’s the taste that is the big difference between two varieties.

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