8 thoughts on “UPS & USPS Shipping Times for Honey

  1. Deborah St. John says:

    Is there any way you could ship out 10 bottles of the 15 dollar plus Tupelo Honey so it could arrive by Tuesday at the latest? If so, I would like to order it. I do not mind paying the extra postage.

  2. arif sinan says:

    I was informed that the best honey in the world is Manuka honey from New Zealand. For health purposes, how does the Tupelo Honey compare with that product? I had introduced Tupelo honey to some friends who were surprised at it’s excellent taste, which is quite refreshing to say the least.

  3. Aaron Dexter says:

    “Best honey” is a very subjective claim. Raw honey, no matter the variety, is going to have a pretty similar “healthiness” profile across varietals. Some varietals are marketed better than others 🙂

    We aren’t doctors so we aren’t going to make any broad health claims, but using a honey made from a plant that’s in your general area can be beneficial with seasonal plant allergies and the like. I wouldn’t feel comfortable trying to compare and contrast Tupelo and Manuka for their “healthiness”, but they – like all honeys – are very similar in their makeup. It’s the taste that is the big difference between two varieties.

  4. David Blomstrom says:

    I’m working on a book about state symbols (Geobop’s State Symbols) and was amazed by the Tupelo honey story (one of Florida’s state symbols).

    I’d like to request permission to use one of your pictures of a bottle of Tupelo honey in my book – the one that says Chockahatchee Creek.

    My book is an epub/ebook and will hopefully be finished in a couple months. You can learn more about it @ http://www.kpowbooks.com/symbols

    Thank you.

  5. Edie Sampson says:

    Is there anyway you could send me a shipping update for my order? I ordered honey sticks earlier last week and have heard nothing. They are needed for a important event. Thank you in advance!

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