How Long Can You Store Honey?

Good news! You can store honey in your pantry for a realllllllllly long time. It’s delicious, so you won’t, but you could!

Naturally, there are ways to store the honey that allow it to keep for long periods and still taste amazing. Here are some tips for long term storage of honey:

  1. The big key is simple – don’t refrigerate the honey. Store it at room temperature (between 70 and 80 degrees).
  2. Keep it in a dark place – the light won’t ruin your honey but the dark will help it retain it’s flavor and consistency better.
  3. Your honey, if stored long enough, will probably crystallize. Don’t panic! It’s still great. Just put the jar of honey in a pot of warm (not boiling!) water.
  4. Keep it sealed – it’s ok to open honey and put it back in for storage, but keep the seal tight and clean. Introducing other “things” – like food chunks – can interfere with the preservation.
  5. Over time, the honey will change – it may become darker, or the flavors may shift. This is natural.

There’s no definite time that you can keep your raw honey stored – there has been honey found in Egyptian tombs that is still edible! However, we’d recommend using it within a year or so for best flavor. It’s so good that we don’t see it last that long though, typically.

You can also “freeze” honey, if you desire. The honey never truly freezes, but it will sure seem like it. Place the honey in, for instance, an ice cube tray and then bag the “frozen” cubes with a date. You can plop them right in your tea!
As with any food, you should not eat the honey if you see visible mold growth or similar concerns.

10 thoughts on “How Long Can You Store Honey?

  1. Sherry says:

    My question is: Is a honey pot as safe to store honey as an air tight jar? I love the look of honey pots but will honey dry out? Or bugs get into the jar?

  2. Aaron Dexter says:

    If they aren’t air tight, there’s definitely a chance something could get in. Your honey may also crystallize – which you can fix with some gentle heating afterward.

  3. Mary A. Larson says:

    I found a 5 gallon plastic pail in my basement full of honey. I forgot we bought it but it does say it was purchased 10 years ago. Is this safe to eat if it has been in plastic that long, in a damp musty basement? The pail was never opened.

  4. Aaron Dexter says:

    Honey found in the Egyptian pyramids has been found to be safe for use, but all situations are different. If the pail was well sealed it is likely just fine – without being able to see the conditions or storage situation it is tough for us to say one way or the other.

  5. Marshmallow & shady industry says:

    HUNEY Bee so delicious look so fine take your skating on the ice rink Like after the sun’s ray has warmed it just right taste so good in its raw form or mounted where it’s dripping half of a spoon After a warm bath it’s ready to be spread and Fully consumed some toast some in a tea and can you say Yummy.

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