This Month at Sleeping Bear Farms

It’s December! The holiday buzz is in full swing and we’re busy as bees here at Sleeping Bear Farms as well. Over the past few weeks we’ve rounded up the bees and they’ve headed out on their winter journeys. Some of the lucky hives are headed down to Florida to get to work on another crop of Tupelo Honey, and some of our hives are headed out to California to help with exciting projects like the almond harvest. You can see some pics of the roundup here:

New Gift Boxes

Our team has put together some super cool new gift boxes for the holidays. Hurry up on these and you’ll get them by Christmas! The new releases are all available here on the site and they ship completely free. We’ve got a wide variety of them available – check them out.

Grade B Beeswax

This has been a hot seller the past few weeks. After the fall, we had a big chunk of beeswax that, while great, wasn’t quite as pretty as the stuff we normally sell. This “Grade B” beeswax is suitable for everything our other wax is good for, but it’s not quite as pretty. Since we added it to our store, we’ve been shipping it out quite a bit. The stock is getting a bit lower, so if you’re interested, hop on the Grade B Bandwagon now!

Bulk Honey for Mead Making

At our sister company, St. Ambrose Cellars, our honey goes into mead (and occasionally wine) to produce the delicious beverages they are known for. We want everyone out there to know that the same honey that makes all-star drinks like X.R. Cyser is available to you, the homebrewer, to make your own concoctions. Our only condition is that if you use our bulk honey for mead making, you send us a couple samples at the end.

Thanks, and have a great December!

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