Holiday Honey Ideas

Ever since the first group of humans cracked open a bee hive and poured out the delicious innards, honey has been a popular gift for the holidays. Sweet, loved by all, and able to keep for basically eternity, honey is a great way to show your appreciation for the ones you love. And we don’t just say that because we sell honey – although, it helps.
If you’re hunting for a gift still, look no further than the store here at Sleeping Bear Farms. Our honey products can help you round out your shopping list. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular gifts in our lineup:

Honey Hugs

Who doesn’t love a honey bear? Cuddly, full of honey. In the shape of a bear. It’s a great combination. We offer star thistle honey bears in two sizes – the cub, at 12oz., and the mama bear at 24oz. You can also order them by the case. May we suggest dressing them up like Santa? It’ll be great.

Specialty Honey Gift Box

This box is a combination of some of our more unique products. The cinnamon raw honey is our delicious star thistle honey mixed with organic cinnamon to create an amazing spread. You can use it for cooking, on breads, or, like some of us do, straight out of the jar. Cinnamon is a great holiday flavor and with the sweetness of honey it’s hard to beat. Also included is our Red Wine Vinegar. Made from red wine produced at our sister company St. Ambrose Cellars, this high-end vinegar is a great addition to any kitchen lineup. And finally, you’ll get a beautiful hex bottle of Northern Michigan maple syrup. Perhaps, we dare say, the best maple syrup that you’re ever going to taste.

Floral Honey Gift Box

Three of our best-selling and most-loved honey varieties in one box – for a low price, with free shipping. Might this be the gift you give yourself this year? Our Tupelo Honey is the 2016 crop we harvested in the Florida panhandle this year. Lab certified authentic tupelo honey, this is one of the rarest and most delicious honey varietals on the market. We’ve got it, and you’re going to love it. Also included is a bottle of our northern Michigan star thistle varietal. Made from the beautiful fields of purple you’ve seen if you’ve ever been near our Beulah, MI location, this honey is delightful. Finally, we’ve got our Wildflower honey that’s produced in the panhandle in the winter.

Red Mead

For something a bit different, check out some of the mead produced over at St. Ambrose Cellars. Cherry Amore and Razzmatazz both have their roots in the honey available here, and they both share a shocking resemblance to the color of Rudolph’s nose. Razzmatazz was first created when a batch of raspberry honey creme meant for the Farm got a bit too watery during production. It was the genesis of the meadery in many ways.

In addition to the stellar ideas here, we’ve also got a full section of gift boxes in the online store. Select boxes ship free this month for the holidays – but you better hurry if you want to make sure that they get to the recipient on time! We’re just a couple short weeks from Christmas, if you haven’t noticed…

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