Raw Honey 1 lb. Glass Jar


What is raw honey and why is it so good? That’s easy!

Raw honey is honey that has been spun out of natural beeswax honey combs, containing enzymes and natural bee pollen.

All the floral essences from the star thistle flowers remain, to give our honey an amazing nose and taste, along with a very smooth finish. Our raw honey is not processed and ultra filtered like mass-produced commercial honeys are.

Our honey is not stripped of flavors and goodness. Sleeping Bear Farms raw honey is not heated to high temperatures to push through filters. We avoid this process because heat destroys enzymes and flavors. The jar will have specs of pollen and natural beeswax. It may also have an occasional honeybee leg (no worries, this is perfectly safe!). These are our “bona fides” and are our evidence of genuineness.

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