Kirk’s Hot Honey


Hive to Table product, straight from the Beekeepers!
All Natural, Pure Honey from Our Own Hives!
Savory Chili Flavor Highlights the Sweet and Spicy Tasting Notes!
No Added Sugar, Just Pure Sweet Honey and Chili Peppers!
Dipping Sauce, Marinade, BBQ, Sauce or Glaze!
Pizza, Ribs & Wings, BBQ sauces, Cheese & Charcuterie Plates, Oysters Waffles, Coleslaw or even Brownies and Ice Cream! Restaurants Find it to be a Unique Addition to Burger and Condiment Trays and Creative Bartenders Have Found a Home for it in Specialized Martini’s, Old Fashions, Margaritas and Tequila Sunrises!
Every Foodie, Hot Sauce or Honey connoisseur, and Industry Professional should have Kirks Hot Honey on Hand to take their Own Creative Energy to the Next Flavor Level
Star Thistle Honey, Stunningly Flavorful Habanero, Aleppo and Birdseye chilis
Powerhouse Nutrient Packed REAL HONEY is the Difference Between Kirks Hot Honey and All the Rest!
Expertly Hand-Crafted Using Time Honored, Traditional Honey Infusion Techniques to Create the Perfect Mix of Sweet and Spicy Delight!

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