Our Michigan honey is perfect for home brewing projects. 

Our honey varietals add a unique and high quality flavor to your beer and mead brewing projects. The star thistle honey we raise here in Michigan is so good it’s the basis for nearly every mead made at our sister company, gold-medal winning meadery St. Ambrose Cellars. Use the same honey the professionals use, and pick up a bucket of our bulk honey today. 


Star thistle honey comes from the purple knapweed flower, also known as the “star thistle”. This honey comes from the fields around our Beulah, MI apiary. Our sister company St. Ambrose Cellars uses Star Thistle Honey in nearly every commercial mead that they produce, and it’s available for your home experimentation in a variety of sizes ranging from 60lbs. buckets to one pound jugs.


Tupelo honey, harvested in the Florida panhandle, is widely sought for its unique sweetness. Our tupelo honey, collected in our Florida panhandle bee yards, is lab certified to be at least 50% authentic tupelo honey.


Wildflower honey comes from the wetlands of Florida and features a delicious sweetness.