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Sleeping Bear Farms


2.5lbs Raw Honey jars from Sleeping Bear Farms give you more of the unprocessed, unfiltered, pure honey flavor that you crave!


Harvested from the beehives at our Northern Michigan farm, our Raw Honey retains all the flavors, smells, tastes, and natural essence of the pure honey. We do not heat, process, or overfilter our honey in order to keep the natural goodness of the product and make sure you get honey as nature intended.


You might find the occasional bee leg or pollen speck, but that’s just proof that our honey is 100% raw from the comb.

Easy to slather or spoon without dripping, our Raw Honey is perfect for your kitchen.

It’s simply the best!

Raw honey in its pure healthy form.

Our raw honey is a spreadable, creamy, light colored, finely granulated spread harvested from Star Thistle flowers in pristine northern Michigan.

All the floral essences, enzymes, and small amounts of pollen remain. Raw honey has more floral notes than liquefied honey and the difference is noticeable and exquisite.

Our honey is spun from light colored beeswax combs which we harvest every fall and put into 55 gallon drums for cold storage.

When we need to pack our raw honey into jars we bring in a few barrels and bring it up to “hive” temperature of 95 degrees F so it will fall out of the barrel into our stirring tank where it is slowly spun into a smooth yummy treat.


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